There are various housing choices that suit everyone’s needs from downtown hotels, to CORE camps, to slumber parties with program partners.

Hotel Information

Omni William Penn ($145 per night) -- Visit the hotel's official Grand Celebration Registration page or call 1-800-THE-OMNI by July 18 to receive the Girl Scout group rate.

Wyndham Grand ($120 per night) -- Call 1-800-WYNDHAM by July 16 to receive the Girl Scout group rate.

Slumber Parties

Please remember to maintain the correct girl to chaperone ratio.

The Children’s Museum Pittsburgh has two different slumber party options:

  1. Friday 9 p.m.-Saturday 8 a.m. The Museum’s exhibits will remain open until 11 p.m. for you to explore, and they will provide late-night snacks. Wake up in the morning to a hearty breakfast before heading downtown for the Grand Celebration Parade. $30 per person.
  2. Saturday 6 p.m.-Sunday 10 a.m. This is a big night! Have pizza for dinner, followed by an evening of games, challenges and obstacles in the museum exhibit spaces. There will be late-night snacks to keep you going, until lights out at 11 p.m. Wake up in the morning to a hearty breakfast before going downtown for the Forever Green Action Project. $40 per person.
  3. Please contact Barb Wettergreen at (412) 322-5058 × 240 or bwettergreen@pittsburghkids.org for more information on The Children's Museum Pittsburgh.

Girl Scout Camps

Make it a completely Girl Scout weekend by staying at Camp Yough! Each camp provides two housing packages.

  1. Package one includes snacks Friday and Saturday nights, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, and transportation to and from the Grand Celebration Friday–Sunday.
  2. Package two includes all of the above EXCEPT transportation to the Grand Celebration on Sunday. Package two is a perfect option for people who need to return home early during the day Sunday.

Camp Yough
Capacity: 125
Package 1: $75
Package 2: $45

Reservations for camps can be made during online registration and are a separate fee.

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