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“Are You Ready For Camp?” Quiz

Hey girls, are you wondering if summer camp is right for you? Here's a fun little quiz to help you find out!

Having fun at Camp Redwing


Keep track of your points as you answer each question. At the end of the quiz, add up your total points and find your score to determine if you are ready for camp!

  • 3 pts = You Bet!
  • 2 pts = Maybe?
  • 1 pt = Not Yet


  • Do you enjoy staying overnight at a friends house?
  • Have you stayed away from your parents for at least one night?
  • Do you enjoy hiking and walking in the outdoors?
  • Can you survive without a radio, tv, video games, computer or telephone for at least a week?
  • Can you see a spider or bug without running around shrieking?
  • Do you like to meet new people and do things with other girls, not just your best friends?
  • Can you make your own bed and keep track of your own things?
  • Are you willing to take turns and share with others?
  • Can you shampoo and brush/comb your own hair?
  • Could you sleep outside and listen to the sounds of nature?
  • Are you willing to help with camp chores such as sweeping your cabin, setting tables in the dining hall and picking up trash?
  • Are you willing to try foods that might be different than what you eat at home?
  • Can you sleep at night without a light on?
  • Are you excited about going away to camp?

Now add up your points and check below to find out how you did!

14-18 points
You might not be ready to go to camp by yourself, but check out our fun family and day or evening-only programs! Talk with your parents about the idea, and try some of the things mentioned in the quiz.

19-24 points
It looks like you may not be sure about going away to a resident camp. Talk with your parents and friends about the idea, to help you decide if CORE, Troop or Resident camp is right for you.

25-30 points
Maybe you already have some camp experience or you are ready for a new adventure. A shorter session at resident camp might be just the thing for you. Why not bring a friend with you to share the fun!

31-37 points
You are probably a returning camper or you are ready for a new adventure. Consider a week or more at resident camp.

38-40 points
Wow! You must be an expert camper, and you would probably enjoy a week or more of camp! Adventure Bound Trips at Camp Conshatawba would also interest you!

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