For Cookie Volunteers

Cookie Time is a busy time for volunteers! Here's a reminder of some of the great opportunities in this year's Cookie Program.


How can you help each Girl Scout reach her goal? Girls can continue to sell cookies before booth sales start.

Here are a few easy ways for you to help girls to work toward their Girl Scout Cookie Goals:

  1. Send them a Cookie Goal Getter Card. Cookie managers received them via e-mail. Additional cards are available on VIPetraining.
  2. Participate in Gift of Caring or Operation: Sweet Appreciation. Both programs offer great ways for girls to make a difference -- one box of cookies at a time.

Printables & Ideas

Door-to-Door Sales

Bling Your Door Hanger

Bling your Door hanger!

Door Hangers
Don't miss a customer! Download and print one or a dozen! You can color three versions, scan and print. (This makes a great extra activity at a troop meeting or as an activity at home.)

Booth Sales

Cookie Booth Calculator
Not exactly sure how many boxes of cookies to order for booth sales? Download this handy-dandy Cookie Booth Calculator to get you started.

Operation: Sweet Appreciation Promotions
Find Goal Posters and special box wraps to help "Operation: Sweet Appreciation" sales.

Find more resources and printables on VIPeTraining and fun ideas for blinging your booth and goal-setting on Pinterest!



Add extra fun to this year's Cookie Program through our Cookie Video Contest and Bling Your Booth Contest. Super fun!

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