Cookie Rallies

Kick off a successful cookie season with a Cookie Rally!

Cookie rallies are a great way to get girls excited about the Cookie Program while learning important skills to help them with the Cookie Program and way beyond.

Follow these five easy steps and be sure to visit Little Brownie Bakers' Web site for Cookie Rally ideas and resources. Also, don't forget to download the 2015 Rally Form.

Cookie Rally Tips

1. Begin with the basics.

Choose a location that has enough space to set up six or seven cookie stations for small-group activities, as well as open space where the whole group can assemble.

Hold the rally just before the start of Cookie Season, and crosscheck it with various community calendars to make sure it doesn't conflict with any special events or holidays.

Allow about two hours for the rally itself. (Don't forget to allow for set-up and clean-up times when reserving your space.)

Determine your cost per girl. (Example: materials for activities, promotional materials, refreshment and patch costs.)

2. Get the word out.

Send out an electronic announcement or flyer to your service unit, inviting them to bring their girls to the rally. Give plenty of advanced notice so everyone can reserve the big day.

3. Plan the details.

Create an agenda and customize it to fit your needs. Plan for girls to stay at each station for 15-25 minutes, depending upon the number of stations you choose.

Divide the girls in as many groups as there are stations. For easiest rotation, play music so everyone knows it's time to move to the next station.

4. Rally run through

Hold a pre-rally meeting with volunteers and share information, assign tasks -- and get everyone excited about the event! You may find they have some great ideas to share.

5. It's a wrap!

How did it go? Evaluate your rally and record ideas for next year.

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