Cookie Club

Cookie Club

Have you tried the Cookie Club? It's a safe website where girls can take online promises for cookies and learn more goal-setting strategies.

How to set up your troop:

  1. Sign into Cookie Club using your eBudde credentials.
  2. Click on the Troop Setup Tab.
  3. f you have more than one troop, select the appropriate troop number for the troop you are entering. If you have just one troop, the troop number will automatically be displayed.
  4. Enter Our Troop Goal, Boxes Needed to Reach Goal, Troop Pledge Text and Girl information.
  5. "Our Troop Goal" is the goal that girls have chosen in Troop meetings. Girls will see this goal when they join Cookie Club. Examples of troop goals are a trip you'll take together or a community project that your funds will support.
  6. "Boxes Needed to reach Goal" is the total of boxes that your troop would like to distribute in order to reach the end of the season troop goal.
  7. "Our Troop Pledge" Text is the text that will appear in the troop message section for your girls' Friends and Family Promises e-mails. The salutation and signature will be system-generated.
  8. Now enter names and ages of the girls and create a password for each girl. Enter the GSUSA ID if you have it available. Once you save this information, the system automatically generates her login ID.
  9. Click the Submit button next to Enter/Edit Girl Information header.
  10. Girls must review online safety information and take the online quiz before using the site.
  11. Girls can ask friends and family for ePromises (online orders). Twenty-five asks will earn the NEW Cookie Club patch.
  12. Girls must deliver cookies and collect payment in person.
  13. E-mail with any questions.

Why should you participate?:

Orders from Cookie Club are on the average two boxes higher than door-to-door ordering.

How do Indie Girls participate?

E-mail Debbie Hazlett and she'll set you up in the Cookie Club!

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