Girl Scout Cookie FAQ

Girl Scout Cookie Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Girl Scout Cookies go on sale and how do I find them?

Girl Scout Cookies can be purchased only from girls and only during cookie season, which kicks off on Friday, January 3, 2014.

For more information on the Cookie Program, visit or like us on Facebook.

Finally, try our free mobile Cookie Finder app for your iPhone® or Android® phone. You can search for cookie sales in your neighborhood starting February 21, get details on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies and link to cookies in social media.

What is National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend?

Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. has declared February 7-8, 2014 as National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! This special two-day event is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout supporters to share with the community the importance of the Cookie Program and what it does for the girls and their communities.
The media will be buzzing about National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend thanks to special promotions and campaigns coordinated by GSUSA. You can stay up-to-date on what is happening around the country at

Here at home, you can celebrate the power of Girl Scout Cookies by participating in Operation: Sweet Appreciation. With your help, thousands of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies will be sent directly from our baker to men and women serving our country in the U.S. Military!

Urban Girl Scouts will be selling cookies at locations in downtown Pittsburgh and Erie to celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend on Friday, February 7 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

This special sale during National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend offers a unique way for Urban Girl Scouts to meet new friends, gain valuable financial literacy skills and earn money to participate in GSWPA leadership activities, special events, camp and global travel experiences. This event is sponsored by PPG Industries.

What is Operation: Sweet Appreciation?

Operation: Sweet Appreciation was new addition to the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program in 2013. Through donations made to Operations: Sweet Appreciation, more than 30,000 boxes of the Girl Scout cookies were sent to veterans and men and women serving our country at home and overseas in the U.S. Military.

In 2014, donations to Operation: Sweet Appreciation will be collected online from February 7 through Memorial Day, May 26, at

Anyone donating online to Operation: Sweet Appreciation can choose a specific Girl Scout troop or individually registered girl (also known as Indie Girls) to benefit from the donation, just as they would through the traditional Cookie Program.

Girl Scout Cookies purchased with the donations from this program will be shipped directly from the baker, Little Brownie Bakers, to military troops serving overseas.

Can I buy Girl Scout Cookies for myself online?

Although Girl Scouts of the USA does not currently allow online sales of Girl Scout Cookies for consumers, you can purchase cookies online to send to men and women in the military through Operation: Sweet Appreciation at

Cookies found for sale online at auction and community list sites should not be purchased under any circumstances, as neither GSUSA, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, nor our licensed bakers can guarantee the freshness or origination of these cookies. Further, purchasing cookies in this way does not support girls' participating in the Cookie Program.

Why are Girl Scout Cookies available only for a short time?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the premier entrepreneurship opportunity for girls, but it is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girl Scouts participate in many activities throughout the year and work on many projects. Cookies are just one of those activities. And because only girls may sell Girl Scout Cookies, their market availability is limited to the 6 to 8-week period when they are engaged in the program.

How do I find out the ingredients, nutritional value and allergen information for one or more of Girl Scout Cookie varieties?

So that consumers can make an informed choice, the ingredients, nutritional profile and allergen information of each variety are clearly listed on both the cookie package and the cookie order form. Additionally, this information is available at With special regard to allergen concerns, our bakers bake Girl Scout Cookies in state-of-the-art facilities, and you can be assured that every required safety protocol is adhered to in order to prevent cross contamination of ingredients. The bakers stand behind the allergen notifications listed on each package of cookies. Consumers with additional concerns may contact the baker directly at

Are any preservatives used in Girl Scout Cookies?

No. Girl Scout Cookies do not contain any added preservatives.

Do Girl Scout Cookies have trans fats?

Girl Scouts of the USA is proud that all Girl Scout Cookies are "zero trans fat per serving" with the same great taste that has made them one of America's favorite treats over the years. All varieties contain less than 0.5 grams trans fat per serving, which meets or exceeds the FDA guidelines for the "zero trans fat" designation. Selected varieties can claim 100% trans-fat-free status, meaning there's not a speck of trans fats in the whole package. For complete nutritional information, please visit

Is high fructose corn syrup used in Girl Scout Cookies?
Our licensed vendors use a variety of ingredients in the production of Girl Scout Cookies, including, in some cookies, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Our bakers have indicated that HCFS is a specifically helpful ingredient in the browning process, and helps cookies retain freshness. For those cookies where HFCS is used, our bakers indicate that it is a key ingredient in ensuring the quality of the cookie.
As leaders in the baking industry, we trust our bakers to develop recipes using ingredients that will produce the best quality, best-tasting cookies while simultaneously address industry trends, scientific trends, and of course, consumer preference. For a list of specific cookie ingredients, please visit

Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies?

All girl members may participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Although parents and Girl Scout adults may assist girls, it is the girl who makes the sale, sets learning and sales goals, and learns the entrepreneurial skills that are part of the program. Participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is voluntary.

How does Girl Scouts ensure the safety of girls who sell cookies?

The safety and security of our members is always our chief concern. We have strict guidelines for safety. Girl Scouts, depending on their age, must be accompanied or supervised by an adult when selling Girl Scout Cookies and must always use the buddy system. Girls who are participating in online marketing initiatives (not online sales) must read and discuss the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. Girls print out the pledge and ask their parents (or guardians), to read and sign the pledge together.

Where does my money go when I buy Girl Scout Cookies?

With every purchase, approximately 70% of the proceeds stays in the local Girl Scout council and with troops to provide a portion of the resources needed to support Girl Scouting in that area, including the portion that goes directly to the group selling the cookies. The balance goes to the baker to pay for the cookies.

How does cookie revenue benefit girls?

All the revenue earned from cookie activities—every penny after paying the baker—stays with the local Girl Scout council that sponsors the sale. This includes the portion that goes directly to the group selling cookies. Councils use cookie revenue to supply essential services to troops, groups and individual girls, such as providing program resources and communication support, training adult volunteers and conducting events.

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