MagNut Recognitions

Through MagNut Recognitions, girls learn how to set and achieve personal goals or plan with her troop.

The Recognitions below are cumulative, meaning that girls earn the recognition that corresponds with their total sales amount AND the recognitions in the lesser sales amounts. So, for example, if your girl has $350 in total sales, she would receive the Twistable Bracelet Kit or $5 Girl Scout Bucks PLUS one of each of the prizes at the $250, $150, and $100 levels.

Water Tite Beach Box ($100 in total sales)

Water Tite Beach Box

Swivel Spork Set OR Elastic Headband Set ($150 in total sales)

Elastic Headband Set

Small Plush Sea Otter OR Hair Color Chalk & Glitter Stick ($250 in total sales)

Small Plush Sea Otter
Hair Color Chalk & Glitter Stick

Twistable Bracelet Kit OR $5 Girl Scout Bucks ($350 in total sales)

Twistable Bracelet Kit

Rainbow Zipper Ruck Sack OR Fashion Planner OR $5 Girl Scout Bucks ($450 in total sales)

Rainbow Zipper Ruck Sack
Fashion Planner

Knit Beanie Kit OR Book Certificate OR $5 Girl Scout Bucks ($550 in total sales)

Knit Beanie Kit
PICTURE MISSING: Book Certificate

Skin It Certificate OR Zebra Stationery Set Or $5 Girl Scout Bucks ($650 in total sales)

Skin It Certificate
Zebra Statiionery Set

Large Plush Sea Otter OR $5 Girl Scouts Bucks ($800 in total sales)

Large Plush Sea Otter

For every additional $100 more than $800 in total sales, girls receive $10 in Girl Scout Bucks.

Super Seller Event and Super Seller Patch ($1,000 in total sales)

Super Seller Patch

Water Bottle & Soccer Ball ($1,500 in total sales)

Water Bottle & Soccer Ball

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