LeadHER Mentoring Program

Girl Scout Sierra Seath and mentor Liz Allen.

Girl Scout Sierra Seath and mentor Liz Allen, Erie-Times News.

Empower girls to be leaders. Mentor a girl through our LeadHer Mentoring Program.

Share your passion for your career by becoming a GSWPA mentor. As a mentor:

  • introduce a Girl Scout to the workplace,
  • empower her to dream without gender limitations, and
  • help her think imaginatively about family, work, and community life.

Women & men who volunteered as mentors in the LeadHER program have had a tremendous impact in the lives of Girl Scouts in just half a day.

  • Girls meet their mentors at work.
  • Girls and mentors attend the Girl Scouts Awards of Distinction luncheon.
  • After lunch, all mentors and girls participate in a round table Q&A discussion.

Through this small investment of time – just a few hours – mentors give young women the experience and confidence they need to make informed decisions about career options.

While mentors and Girl Scouts are together only a short time, studies show the importance of fostering these connections. A Girl Scout Research Institute study found that girls’ future career choices are more influenced by inspiring role models than by academic interests.

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