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Reserving a Camp

Plan your next Girl Scout adventure, birthday party, family reunion or corporate event at one of our beautiful camps!

Facilities at Camps Conshatawba, Hawthorne Ridge and Skymeadow are available for rental more than 40 weeks of the year, when summer camp isn’t in session.

Camp Redwing is available year-round and can accommodate large or small groups.

How to Reserve a Camp

  1. Check a camp's availablity by clicking on the "Availability" links for each camp below, and see the details and rental rates for the camp's facilities. 
  2. Once you've chosen your camp, facilities, and dates, complete the Campsite Reservation Form and mail it in with your security deposit AND the Equipment Rental Reservation Form for your camp. These forms can be found by visiting our Forms Library and searching for “Equipment Rental Form.”
  3. In order to obtain your security deposit after your visit, complete and submit the Camp Departure Form
Camp Availability and Information

Have trouble viewing a calendar? Need more information? Email us at to check availability.


Camp Conshatawba


Camp Hawthorne Ridge


Camp Redwing


Camp Skymeadow