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Operation: Sweet Appreciation and Gift of Caring

For many years, Girl Scouts has used Girl Scout Cookies as a way to show appreciation for our military men and women through Operation: Sweet Appreciation, and to send sweet treats to local food pantries, shelters, hospitals and other organization through Gift of Caring programs.

Last year, girls in GSWPA sent more than 38,000 packages of cookies to military men and women through OSA. And, girls who participate in Operation: Sweet Appreciation or other Gift of Caring programs sell an average of 70 more boxes than those who don't! Talk about a win-win! 

Operation: Sweet Appreciation

Through Operation: Sweet Appreciation, you can help GSWPA send cookies to our military at-home and overseas. Last year, GSWPA Girl Scouts sent more than 38,000 packages to military men and women!

  • Make a donation on your Girl Scout's order form or Digital Cookie site. Donated cookies are $4 per package. Payment is due with your order and no extra shipping fees apply. 
  • Donate on this page by clicking the 'Donate' button below. If you'd like your donation to be designated to a particular troop or Girl Scout, please be sure to note that information when you reach the 'Review Your Donation' screen.

Gift of Caring Program

Troops can also choose to collect cookie donations for an organization of their choice through the Gift of Caring program. Girls donate cookies each year to local food pantries, shelters, care centers or hospitals.

For more information on organizing a Gift of Caring program for your troop, please refer to page 17 of the Troop Cookie Manager Guide