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Staff Directory

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the support you need to have an amazing year in Girl Scouts. Check out how our staff is set up to help you and find individual contact information below. 


Patricia BurkartChief Executive Officer800-248-3355
Jay KrunszyinskyChief Administrative Officer800-248-3355 ×1119
Deborah SmithChief External Relations Officer800-248-3355 ×1028
Kristen WalkerChief Operations Officer800-248-3355 ×1048
Garret MyersExecutive Assistant800-248-3355 x1023

Customer Care

Melissa MatteraDirector, Customer Care800-248-3355 ×1412
Jodie CamilloData Administrator800-248-3355 ×1419
Terra CorsiniVolunteer Screening Specialist800-248-3355 ×1410
Kathy AlexanderData Specialist800-248-3355 ×1402
Rhoda DavisVolunteer Screening Assistant800-248-3355 ×1403
Rhonda GrassoCustomer Care Specialist 800-248-3355 ×1220
Janet HinzmanCustomer Care Specialist 800-248-3355 ×1500
Kathleen KahalaData Specialist800-248-3355 ×1408
Linda KoricichVolunteer Screening Assistant800-248-3355 ×1404
Marlene LyonData Specialist800-248-3355 ×1405
Cheryl MeyerData Specialist800-248-3355 ×1406
Heather RogersCustomer Care Specialist 800-248-3355 ×1401
Christina Salandro-JonesCustomer Care Specialist 800-248-3355 ×1110
Stephanie SammonsData Specialist800-248-3355 ×1429

Recruitment & Retention

Melissa CooperVice President, Recruitment & Retention800-248-3355 ×1011
Franne CarnahanDirector, Recruitment & Retention800-248-3355 ×1426
Lori RobertsDirector, Recruitment & Retention800-248-3355 ×1114
Jennifer SizemoreDirector, Recruitment & Retention800-248-3355 ×1046
Michele WhitmanDirector, Council Collaborations & Girl Experience800-248-3355 ×1609
Holly BarrettGirl Event Coordinator800-248-3355 ×1308
Davina BixbyVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1218
Suzane ButteryRecruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1059
Anne CarneyInternal Recruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1013
Amber CarsonGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1418
Lisa CollVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1617
Paula CribbsVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1505
Nancy CrossenRecruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1018
Flavia MusinskyManager, Internal Recruitment800-248-3355 ×1045
Kate DavisGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1214
Jacqueline DineenGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1022
Jennifer DomowiczRecruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1432
Jennifer Fox-RigginGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1910
Debra GerhardVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1134
Tracey GigerVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1212
Debbie HazlettAdministrative Assistant, Recruitment & Retention800-248-3355 ×1209
Kimberly HenryRecruitment Specialist800-248-3355 x1007
Terri MarianiVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1610
Michelle NagleVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1608
Beth Ann NovakGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1118
Jaime PeticcaInternal Recruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1120
Janet SemanGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1613
Kimberly SimmonsInternal Recruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1134
Courtney SoderVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1430
Jessica SchlieGirl Experience Specialist800-248-3355 ×1616
Amy SnyderAdult Development Manager800-248-3355 x1116
Lauren ThomasInternal Recruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1428
Vanessa ThompsonGrant & Community Outreach Manager800-248-3355 ×1014
Janelle UpoleVolunteer Support Specialist800-248-3355 ×1605
Brandy VarnerRecruitment Specialist800-248-3355 x1207
Anita WilliamsInternal Recruitment Specialist800-248-3355 ×1510
Ashlea LeeRecruitment Specialist800-248-3355 x1132
Hannah YuTraining Coordinator800-248-3355 x1006
Krista KimmelProgram Performance Coordinator800-248-3355 ×1307

Retail Sales

Renee AmmonManager of Retail Sales800-248-3355 ×1409
Kate ManhireRetail Sales Coordinator: Pittsburgh800-248-3355 ×1041
Sohmer MastenRetail Sales Coordinator: Pittsburgh800-248-3355 ×1012
Dawn CochranRetail Sales Coordinator: Kittanning800-248-3355 ×1303
Stephanie HagerRetail Sales Coordinator: Edinboro800-248-3355 ×1436
Carol MurdochRetail Sales Coordinator: Beaver800-248-3355 ×1504
Marlene JewellRetail Sales Coordinator: Warren800-248-3355 ×1911
Wendy SmithRetail Sales Coordinator: Greensburg800-248-3355 ×1133
Michelle WalkerRetail Sales Coordinator: Johnstown800-248-3355 ×1206

Camp & Outdoors

Karla SchellDirector, Outdoor Experience800-248-3355 ×1038
Andrea KellyCamp Director, Camp Skymeadow800-248-3355 ×1614
Anastasia KluczarovAdministrative Assistant to Outdoor Experience800-248-3355 ×1032
Dana YoungCamp Director, Camps Hawthorne Ridge and Singing Hills800-248-3355 ×1603
Melissa AndersonCamp Director, Camp Conshatawba800-248-3355
Kate BaileyCamp Director, Camp Redwing800-248-3355


Nancy IrwinDirector, Marketing and Communications800-248-3355 ×1414
Jennifer DudaDigital Media Manager800-248-3355 ×1434
Melissa GawlinskiPublications Manager800-248-3355 ×1413
Lisa ShadePublic Relations Manager800-248-3355 ×1427


Bernadette ScheidVice President, Finance800-248-3355 ×1049
Christa KienzlFinancial Analyst800-248-3355 ×1025
Nancy SmithFinance Assistant800-248-3355 ×1031
Amanda StowersAccounts Payable Specialist800-248-3355 x1017

Fund Development

Sandra Bernardi HathazyDirector, Fund Development800-248-3355 ×1029
Melissa DunlapDirector, Corporate & Grant Funds800-248-3355 ×1036
Kristin KoernerManager, Annual Giving & Major Gifts1-800-248-3355 x1024
Emily NadikGrant Coordinator800-248-3355 ×1005
Anne StokesEvent Manager800-248-3355 x1020
Caitlyn LizikAdministrative Assistant800-248-3355 x1008

Human Resources

Lorie GalassiDirector, Human Resources800-248-3355 ×1304
April JohnsAdministrative Assistant, Human Resources800-248-3355 ×1305

Information Technology

Brent MalloryDirector, Technology800-248-3355 ×1130
Rob BaloghNetwork Administrator800-248-3355 ×1002

Product Sales

Shelby MillerDirector, Product Sales800-248-3355 ×1211
Susan JenkinsManager, Product Sales800-248-3355 ×1021
Yvonne ColleranFall Product Sales Coordinator 800-248-3355 ×1016
Erin DuffyCookie Sales Coordinator800-248-3355 ×1420


Ken ThorntonVice President, Property800-248-3355 ×1112
Pamela BalasDirector, Maintenance800-248-3355 ×1618
Mike BlackCamp Ranger: Resting Waters814-778-5730
Robert CurziCamp Ranger: Singing Hills814-676-8909
Denise DelgrandOffice Manager800-248-3355 ×1122
Nicholas EchlerCamp Ranger: Redwing724-789-9401
Eric GassmeyerCamp Ranger: Roy Weller304-379-9194
Chad HolmesCamp Ranger: Elliott724-533-3824
Jasen MillerCamp Ranger: Curry Creek814-265-1447
Greg KirschnerCamp Ranger: Hawthorne Ridge814-474-3771
Tim ShankCamp Ranger: Skymeadow724-697-5009
TJ ShankCamp Ranger: Conshatawba814-495-5651