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Helping Hands Network volunteers now required to have background checks


When we introduced the Helping Hands Network volunteer position, this role was not required to complete a background check. However, based on feedback from our volunteers and parents, we have re-evaluated these requirements. In order to ensure the safety of our girls and volunteers, we now require all volunteers working with girls or who have access to information about girls to complete the background check requirements. This now includes Helping Hands Network volunteers. 

If you are a Helping Hands Network volunteer and would like to continue volunteering, you will need to submit the following background checks no later than May 20, 2016 in order to be processed for approval by the state's deadline of July 1, 2016. If this is not done, you will not be able to volunteer until the process is complete.

1. Complete your National Criminal Background Check by logging on to our secure volunteer portal: (Free)

  •  Your code is the word "portal." 
  • All red fields are required. If you have any additional addresses, please click "add address." Click 'Next' to review the Terms & Conditions for running your background check.
  • Sign the application and click 'Done,' then click 'Submit.' You must actually sign (on a home computer hold down the left button on the mouse and draw your signature), and complete the questions. It will ask for the same information again. The first time is stating that all information is correct, and the second is for permission to perform the background check. Click submit and you will receive a message stating the form is completed. 

2. Complete your Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Free)

3. Complete your Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check (Free)

4. Complete and sign the PA State Clearance Affidavit (Free)

5. If you've lived outside PA anytime in the past 10 years, you'll also need to complete a FBI Criminal Background Check ($27). You do not need to complete this step if you've only lived in Pennsylvania in the past 10 years.

6. Send copies of all completed clearances via email, mail, or fax:

    • Email:
    • Mail: Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania,
      Attn: Volunteer Screening, 5681 Route 6N, Edinboro PA 16412
    • Fax: 814-734-7701 Attn: Volunteer Screening

Please contact or call 1-800-248-3355 with any questions.