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Counselor-in-Training 1 (CIT1) Session 2 Camp Conshatawba 07-30-17

Sun Jul 30, 3:00 PM - Sun Aug 06, 2:00 PM EDT
GSWPA Camp Conshatawba, 288 Oaks Rd, Summerhill, PA, 15958, USA Map
$300 per girl
Senior, Ambassador
ounselors are pretty awesome, am I right? What’s that? You want to be just like your counselors? Of course you do! This exciting camp gives CITs help developing your skills by learning from experienced staff and then working with campers directly. You’ll gain valuable experience in working with children, like program development, creating great camp culture and behavior management. CIT 1 is offered at Camp Conshatawba and Camp Hawthorne Ridge. (CIT 1 is a prerequisite for CIT 2.)