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Mystery Trip 07-23-17

Sun Jul 23, 3:00 PM - Fri Jul 28, 2:00 PM EDT
GSWPA Camp Conshatawba, 288 Oaks Rd, Summerhill, PA, 15958, USA Map
$425.00 per girl
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
This is truly a camp session of epic proportions! Each day you’ll face a series of challenges, obstacles and problems to solve. Along with your team you might decode instructions, step outside your comfort level, and push your boundaries to figure out where you’re supposed to be! As you go, you’ll gather a series of clues that’ll point you in the direction of your two-night mystery trip to a location not at camp. You’ll have time to really experience everything we have to offer at Conshatawba, make amazing lifelong friends and create memories you’ll have for a lifetime! (Parents/guardians will be in on the secret and receive classified information about the trip prior to camp.)