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Intermediate Backpacking (Level 2) 07-22-18

Sun Jul 22, 3:00 PM - Fri Jul 27, 2:00 PM EDT
GSWPA Camp Conshatawba, 288 Oaks Rd, Summerhill, PA, 15958, USA Map
$350 per girl
Senior, Ambassador
Do you enjoy spending your nights under the stars and preparing your own meals? Have you tried backpacking before? Can you start a one-match fire? Take your outdoor skills to the next level with our intermediate backpacking trip. Refresh on your basic outdoors skills like outdoor cooking, trip preparation, knife skills, and water purifying at camp. When you’re ready, hit the trail for a two-night adventure into the woods! Pack your bag for the trail ahead and hike into some of the most beautiful scenery in western PA—and put all your outdoor expertise to use.

Registration Deadline:  July 1, 2018