Girl Scout Gold Award Project Profile

Joie Z.


16 years old
Troop #50836
Saint Joseph High School

Natrona's Children Grow

My Gold award project began in May 2013 and was completed in late August 2013. In fall 2012 I first contacted the Natrona Comes Together Association about doing a project to help the Natrona community. The summer before, an organization called Grow Pittsburgh helped start a community garden in Natrona. The goal of my project was to expand upon the original idea for the garden by specifically involving the children of the community. Many of my volunteers came through the Girl Scout community and people in the community were enthusiastic to help. I wanted to give the children the opportunity to do something they may not have resources to do on their own. It was important to get them excited about the garden, so the program kicked off with a pizza party in May. The summer program, called Natrona’s Children Grow, consisted of several meetings at the gardens and craft activities in the Natrona playground. During the summer, some craft activities consist
ed of
making mosaic stepping stones, painting wooden crafts, and designing a scrapbook page. Additionally, the children planted, and later harvested, some of their favorite fruits and vegetables. I consistently promoted healthy eating habits and worked to achieve her goal of sparking an interest in gardening and being involved in the community. I concluded my Gold Award at the end of August.
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Future Plans

I am hoping to go into the field of medicine. Eventually, I'd like to work with children as a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon

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