Girl Scout Gold Award Project Profile

Rachel D.


17 years old
Troop #51349
Upper St. Clair High School

Duck Box Project

Rachel built and installed five duck boxes in the Boyce Mayview WEtlands. Three were around the main body of water and two were installed at a nearby pond. Working with the program manager for the outdoor classroom and the Upper St. Clair Forester, Rachel determined the best duck box design and installation locations for her project. With help from Upper St. Clair high school students and Boy Scout Troop 366, she completed construction and installation of the boxes including a predator guard for each box. Wood ducks will only nest in hollowed out trees or specially designed duck boxes, so replacing existing boxes as well as adding additional boxes allows the wood duck to not only remain at Boyce Mayview Wetlands, but to expand. Wood ducks are an integral part of the Wetland ecosystem and thy can be enjoyed by people who visit the wetlands.

Future Plans

Rachel will graduate from Upper St. Clair High School in 2015 and plans to attend college

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