Troop Finances

Parents, guardians and troop families should be involved and informed of all financial decisions within their Girl Scout troop. Troop income comes from these sources:


Dues are intended to be a nominal source of income for the troop. They should be around $.50—$2.00 a week. The amounts of dues are based upon discussion among the girls, the troop leaders, and the parents/guardians of the girls in the troop. Dues may cover all meeting and administrative costs of the troop. Families often help reduce dues by providing snacks, copies, materials, etc. As with all finances in Girl Scouting, dues are property of the troop. It is not appropriate for a girl to receive “individual credit” for her dues. While each girl must contribute her share, it then belongs to the troop.


Parents and guardians may be asked to cover some of the costs of Girl Scout membership in the form of a fee. This can include deposits for troop events, annual membership ($12), Girl Scout sash or vest, pins, troop numbers, etc. There are scholarships available to cover membership and program costs in order to keep Girl Scouting affordable to all girls.

MagNut and Cookie Sales

Girl Scouts provides two product sales to cover the costs of all those fun Girl Scout activities, field trips, camping weekends and events that keep girls involved. In the fall (October-November), Troops have the opportunity to sell or renew magazine subscriptions to family and friends, as well as sell $5 boxes/cans of cookies and nuts to help raise troop funds. There is also an additional incentive – Step 2 – in which names and addresses of out-of-town potential magazine customers can be submitted for a mail solicitation. The Girl Scout cookie program, conducted January – March, provides an incredible source of funding, but it also teaches girls important life skills such as learning to set goals, handling money responsibly, greeting the public and answering questions and following through with a commitment. As with the MagNut Sale, Troops earn money for each item or box of Girl Scout Cookies they sell. Girls also receive incentives based on the number of boxes sold individually. Participation is voluntary, however materials should be provided to each girl and her parent/guardian in order to make the decision to participate or not.

Additional Money-Earning Activities

As girls progress through the Girl Scout program, they may want to participate in more expensive or extensive activities that will require additional money. GSWPA provides specific guidelines on activities that can and cannot be approved based upon standards of our national organization - safety activity checkpoints (formerly Safety-Wise).


Direct solicitation of cash is not an appropriate money-earning activity for Girl Scouts (safety activity checkpoints (formerly Safety-Wise). However, there are instances when a community group or donor wishes to contribute directly to their local Girl Scouts, rather than to the Girl Scout council. Please contact your membership manager who will provide guidance on GSWPA polices. In-kind donations are always welcome to help keep troop expenses manageable.

Quick Summary:

Income From Troop Sales and Money-Earning Typically Pays For:

  • Materials for activities in the meeting place
  • Supplies and equipment needed for basic operation (flag, song books, etc.)
  • Learning opportunities for volunteers required by the council
  • Pins, patches and recognitions awarded to the girls
  • All expenses related to outings, campouts, and trips – including extra insurance if applicable
  • The troop/group may vote to set aside funds to pay for the membership registration of girls for the next year, handbook or Journey sets, and/or uniform components

The Parent / Guardian Typically Pays For:

  • Dues
  • Annual membership registration ($12)
  • Uniform and insignia
  • Journey books or grade level handbooks
  • Transportation
  • Other pathways (day or resident camp, family events, etc.) in which their girl participates – beyond the troop setting
  • Contributions to council-sponsored fund development efforts
  • Your family’s purchase of product sales (cookies, MagNut)
  • Fees established by the troop

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