GSWPA Travel Clubs

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What's a Travel Club?

If you've been bitten by the travel bug, a Travel Club is a great way to plan adventures with other girls from our council.

The details ...

  • You can be in a troop or an Indie Girl Scout and still participate in a Travel Club. (Talk to your membership manager about how you can use the Cookie and MagNut Programs to benefit both!)
  • When you are selected to travel through a GSWPA-sponsored international trip, you automatically join a Travel Club to help you fundraise.
  • Travel Clubs also work together to plan their own travel adventures.
  • They can be from different areas of GSWPA.
  • Sizes of each club can vary, but they must meet girl/adult ratios outlined in Volunteer Essentials.
  • Your club can choose to go on a GSWPA-sponsored trip or you can plan your own.
  • Clubs must maintain a bank account and follow all GSWPA policies on bank accounts.
  • Club trips may be open to girls outside of the club as well. (It's a great way to Join Girl Scouts!)
  • Travel Clubs may disband after a trip has been completed -- or continue on your next adventure with your new friends!

Travel Clubs are supported by GSWPA's travel and events manager.

Get started by ...

  1. contacting us to see what's already in progress,
  2. talking to your friends about where you'd like to travel, then plan time at your next troop meeting or with your Indie Girl advisor or
  3. check out the great travel programs in S'more.

Forms you need

  • Schedule for Travel Documents (13.77 KB)
    Your timeline and guide to all trainings and paperwork from GSWPA when planning a trip.
  • Travel Adviser Position Descriptions (37.03 KB)
    Position descriptions for Travel Club Advisers. Each adviser may have more than one role.
  • Trip Adviser Agreement Form (92.47 KB)
    A document to be reviewed and signed by adults accompanying girls on extended travel opportunities.
  • Vender Verification of Safety Activity Checkpoints (26.78 KB)
    When troops or travel clubs are traveling and are using an outside vendor for one or more of their activities, this form is used to keep record that the site has met or exceeded Girl Scouts’ Safety Activity Checkpoints. This can be kept by the troop leader or travel club adviser for their records.
  • Additional Activity Insurance Request Form (287.41 KB)
    Any group that will be traveling for more than two overnights will need to purchase activity insurance.

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