Travel as a Troop

Troop Travel is planned and implemented by girls and adults in troops. The majority of the participants belong to the same troop, and they can coordinate with other troops to travel together. Travel should be age appropriate and should be progressive based on the travel experience and readiness of the girls in the troop.


Staff supporting troop travel:

Top 10 Tips for Planning Troop Travel

  1. Start out your planning by letting the girls lead. Get girls talking about where they want to travel and what they want to learn through their travel experience.
  2. Review Safety Activity Checkpoints before starting the planning process beyond brainstorming ideas with the troop members.
  3. Review the Schedule for Travel Paperwork chart (found in Volunteer Essentials and below).
  4. Complete the appropriate paperwork and return it to your membership manager in the appropriate time frame as denoted in the chart.
  5. Your trip must approved by GSWPA before any non-refundable deposits are made.
  6. A troop volunteer will need to complete the Travel Training course if required by the type and duration of the travel trip planned (refer to Schedule for Travel Paperwork). Check our Things to Do Calendar for dates and locations for the training.
  7. Purchase additional insurance, if appropriate, using the Additional Insurance Request Form and following the procedure as outlined in Volunteer Essentials.
  8. Submit any additional money-earning requests to your Membership Manager as outlined by Volunteer Essentials.
  9. Connect travel trips to Journeys and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE).
  10. Have fun! Yes, planning to travel is a lot of work, but the experience can open a world of opportunities for girls.

Important Documents for Planning Troop Travel

  • Intent to Travel Form (41.6 KB)
    Form to notify your membership staff member of your intent to travel for three nights or more. Please refer to the Schedule for Travel Documents for more information on when this is due.
  • Trip and High Risk Activity Application (70.92 KB)
    Fill this out prior to taking a trip. Please refer to the Schedule for Travel Documents for more information on when this is due.
  • Additional Insurance Request Form - Fill-In (287.41 KB)
    Check with Volunteer Essentials to see if you need to purchase additional insurance for your trip.
  • Vender Verification of Safety Activity Checkpoints (26.78 KB)
    When troops or travel clubs are traveling and are using an outside vendor for one or more of their activities, this form is used to keep record that the site has met or exceeded Girl Scouts’ Safety Activity Checkpoints. This can be kept by the troop leader or travel club adviser for their records.

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