Online Safety -- Start the Conversation

Oct 09, 2008 Posted in Newsroom, Press Releases

Girl Scouts is developing a holistic, online safety initiative with a top technology partner that aims to decrease the generational divide between parents and teens through branded tools, expert insights and engaging content. Topics may include the following areas: predators and predatory behavior online, bullying, gossip, cyberstalking, promiscuity “watchouts”, and appropriate image use. To learn more about this partnership, visit and sign up for a newsletter written by girls for adults.

As part of the Safety Award for Girl Scout Juniors, girls are encouraged to read about bullying at Other recommended sites are Stop Bullying Now at, and the Youth Violence Prevention Campaign at

In addition, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania continues to develop new programs like "From Bullies to Buddies"; and provides Girl Scout families with a list of online resources to share with their daughters. This is just part of a strong commitment to help open up discussions between girls and the important adults in their lives – the key to safeguarding girls’ emotional safety and security.

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