A Cookie With A Mission

Jan 12, 2010 Posted in Newsroom, Press Releases

The Girl Scout Cookie program begins January 8, when over 35,000 girls in grades K-12 will design business cards, presentations, newsletters, press kits, charts and posters to encourage customers to support their goals by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies.

Everybody likes cookies and there are lots of cookies that taste good. These cookies do good.
Girl Scout cookies can help buy supplies for Girl Scout troops or allow them to purchase goods for donation to a local women’s shelter. Thin Mints and Trefoils can be sent overseas to Troops in Iraq, or even donated to a local food pantry. All of the revenue—every penny after paying the bakery—from all cookie sale activities supports Girl Scout program at our local Girl Scout council, including a portion that goes directly to the group selling cookies. Last year, the troop portion received by girls in western Pennsylvania was $1,885,292, and girls decide where this money goes. In fact, the Girl Scout cookie program is one of the few programs in the country which allows youth to decide how to direct proceeds from their business activity. Giving girls decision-making over financial goal setting, budgeting and spending is an invaluable and empowering experience.

Girl Scouts will be offering eight varieties of Girl Scout Cookies this year, including the new Thank U Berry Munch cookie with cranberry and white fudge chips – all at $3.50 a box. Order taking begins in January, with booth sales in February and March. A Cookie Locator is also available online to help locate the booth sale nearest you.

To learn more about the opportunities that are made possible by the Girl Scout Cookie program, please visit www.gswpa.org.

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