Change It Up!

May 13, 2008 Posted in Newsroom

What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership.

By Judy Schoenberg, Ed.M., Senior Researcher; Kimberlee Salmond, M.P.P., Senior Researcher; Paula Fleshman, M.S., Research and Evaluation Analyst. (New York, N.Y.: Girl Scouts of the USA, 2008). (Executive Summary)


Girl Scouts has always been about leadership. As we move further into the 21st century, it’s imperative to ask and explore questions that address girls' attitudes, perceptions, behaviors and experiences of leadership; how leadership impacts girls of this generation; and the implications of their current behaviors and attitudes on their future lives. Will the leadership experiences of girls today translate into greater leadership roles for them tomorrow? What kind of leadership does this generation of girls aspire to and connect with? What do we need to know in order to support the next generation of girl and women leaders?

Conducted in conjunction with Fluent, a New York-based research firm, and Girl Scouts of the USA, Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership presents findings from a national study of more than 4,000 girls and boys on leadership: how they define it; their experiences, failures and successes with leadership experimentation; their aspirations, hopes and fears; the effect of gender biases and stereotypes; and predictors of leadership aspiration. Gender, race/ethnicity, age and income are explored in their relationship to girls' and boys' leadership aspirations, experiences and identities.
From the evidence of this report, girls are clearly saying that we need to "change it up" in how we define and think about leadership.

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