Safety While Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Jan 12, 2011 Posted in Newsroom, Press Releases

In Girl Scouting, the safety and security of our girl members are our primary concern. This is why Girl Scouts have guidelines that must be followed when girls sell cookies. Girls learn and practice personal protection skills and work in conjunction with adults who provide supervision and guidance for all grade levels. Adults must accompany younger Girl Scouts when they are selling, taking orders for, or delivering products. Adults oversee older Girl Scouts; they must be aware of how, when, and where the girls are selling products; be on call when girls are participating in product sales and be able to contact girls in a timely manner; be in an automobile in the area; or be present with the girls. Supervision extends to any online activity. We immediately investigate and remedy any instances where those guidelines are not followed.

Girls should be identifiable as Girl Scouts by wearing a membership pin, uniform, or Girl Scout clothing (e.g., Girl Scout T-shirt) to clearly identify themselves as Girl Scouts. Girls and accompanying adults should be familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where product sales take place. And girls should participate in door-to-door sales only during daylight hours. Girl Scouts do not solicit door-to-door donations.

We thank the community for their continued support of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

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