Today’s Girl Scouts: Everything You’d Expect and More

Oct 03, 2011 Posted in Newsroom, Press Releases

Think more exciting activities. More fun-filled adventures. More reasons than ever to join. Think today’s Girl Scouts, offering activities that help girls realize their amazing potential and build courage, confidence and character.

Think it’s a full-year commitment? Think again.

Have a busy schedule? No problem. Today’s Girl Scouts offers many flexible ways to participate. Spend a day at a sports clinic improving your soccer skills - or at the zoo learning to care for the animals. Help plant a community garden. Sleep over at the science center. There are so many paths to take and so many friends to meet along the way.

Which path will you take?

What’s so great about today’s Girl Scouts is that there’s no one way to participate. Choose one path or choose them all.

Camp: Like to learn more about nature and the environment? Camp with the Girl Scouts for the day or overnight.
Events: Maybe you have more than one passion. If so, you can attend multiple events throughout the year in the subjects that interest you most.

Series: Love dance? Chess? Visiting an amusement park? Lots of other girls do, too. Why not explore lots of your interests together in a way that fits your schedule?

Travel: Ready to go places? Girl Scouts are on the move! And whether they’re traveling across town, the state or the world, it’s always an adventure of a lifetime.

Troop: Join a troop and meet regularly with other girls to participate in exciting activities, make a difference in your community and have lots of fun!

Today’s Girl Scouts offers more choices and more reasons than ever to join. Join us in 2012, as we launch into the next century of Girl Scouting! Learn more at

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