Property Committee Meeting Notes

Apr 23, 2009 Posted in Newsroom

Initial Business: Each committee member was asked to sign a confidentiality statement if he or she had not done so. Notes from property committee meetings will be posted to the council’s Web site in the Camp section.

General Property Updates:

  • Due to unsafe conditions, Camp Lend-A-Hand will not take reservations starting April 24, 2009. This camp will remain closed pending the Property Committee Task Groups research and recommendations.
  • Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania is under a 90-day agreement with a prospective buyer of Camp Roy Weller to explore options and conduct due diligence activities that impact program delivery. The Board of Directors will determine whether to enter a sales option agreement after the 90 day period. There were no further issues or questions raised about the council property updates.

Marketing Research Task Group:

  • The marketing task group is in the process of completing surveys. The target time for survey data to be complete is December 2009.
  • Task group members were given opportunities to provide input and feedback to current surveys. Getting girl input was a priority.
  • Additional research will include activities that girls are participating in outside of our camp properties.
  • Population trends and travel time are being explored.

Program Research Task Group:

  • A current chart of program opportunities for each camp site was reviewed. Corrections were made.
  • Based on programming, an assessment of equipment is being conducted along with an inventory.
  • The program research group also is working to develop common wording in definition by GSUSA Manual.

Property Research Task Group:

  • The property research group reviewed how capacity was determined for each structure on the council properties. These standards were acquired through ACA and Labor and Industry.
  • Utilization rates (from 2008) were reviewed and discussed.
  • A property grid spreadsheet and descriptions were presented that included land area, bathrooms, kitchen, winter and summer capacity, actual usage, income, deferred maintenance costs, operation costs, restrictions, unique program features, and amenities.
  • Maintenance needs and expenses were reviewed.

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