Teen Conference speakers and program announced

Apr 10, 2013 Posted in Newsroom

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania is taking the lead to help girls discover their interests, connect with peers and take action. GSWPA’s 2013 Teen Conference takes place on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Chatham University.

You can see more details about the conference or register \"here.\":https://gsusa.ebiz.uapps.net/vp/default.aspx?pid=10.

Our 2013 Teen Conference keynote speakers:

Carly Noel is the Senior Multimedia Specialist at WPXI-TV. She has been at the station since 2004 and joined the digital department in 2006.

Brittny McGraw joined the Channel 11 News team in June 2011 as a morning reporter and weekend morning anchor after spending nearly four years at WPXI\'s sister station in Dayton, Ohio.

Breakout sessions include:

\"Hear Me\" Audio Sessions
Presented by CMU Create Lab
Girls will learn about the Hear Me program and the technical skills involved in creating and editing audio recordings.

Film Careers - How did you get THAT job?!
Presented by Women in Film and Media
Girls will learn the various careers in the film industry, the education they will need, and what the career involves.

Mobile Printing with AIR
Presented by Artists Image Resource
Girls will learn the screen printing process from start to finish.

Budgeting for a Better Life
Presented by Citizens Bank
Girls will learn how to identify goals they would like to achieve and how building a budget will help them reach that goal.

YouthWorks Career Readiness and JumpStart Success Workshop
Presented by YouthWorks
Girls will learn essential tools necessary to equip them for the workforce.

\"Join the Shift\"
Presented by Erie Insurance
Girls will learn how to make smart choices behind the wheel which will save lives and make better drivers.

Who Gets In? YOU Decide!
Presented by Chatham University - Admissions
Girls will gain a solid understanding of what colleges seek in applicants and how they can prepare themselves now to be competitive during the application process when they are high school seniors..

Be Your Own Title IX Advocate
Presented by Women\'s Law Project
Through video snippets, large and small group discussion, the girls will learn the basics about TitleIX, how it protects their rights and opportunities in school.

Planting the seed to STEM your future!
Presented by Bayer Material Science
The girls will leave with an understanding of how their unique talents can be applied to a variety of exciting careers in theSTEM field.

Your Future, Your Choice!
Presented by United Way of Allegheny County
This workshop will focus on providing girls the space and tools needed to explore themselves, in an effort to realize their career potential.

Acting Out: Exploring Theater
Presented by GSWPA Theater background staff members
Girls will learn the basic parts of a professional theater (stage directions, back stage, lightening scenry, costumes) and the people who control them (director, stage manager, etc.) and have fun with physical acting exercises testing their creativity and.

Y in a mix of X: Being a Strong Woman in a male-dominated field
Presented by Tribune Review
This workshop will teach the girls about the importance of supporting each other in the workplace and the challenges and benefits of working in a male-dominated field/workplace..

Mean Girls - or how the MEDIA presents women
Presented by Tribune Review
This workshop will focus on the way mainstream media -TV, books, magazines, etc. - present women and why that is a problem.

Journalism 101 - How being inquisitive, pestering, and wordy can land you a job!
Presented by Tribune Review
This workshop will give girls an overview of what it\'s like to be a print reporter and show them the basics of an interview and writing a profile.

Let\'s Celebrate Girlhood!
Presented by Chatham University - Women\'s Studies Department
Participants in this workshop will engage in interactive activities that allow them to creatively reflect on topics such as self esteem, body image, and overall self awareness.

Listening to Girls - Becoming a Muse
Presented by Chatham University - Women\'s Studies Department
Adults will learn about the Hardy Girls/Healthy Women approach to group facilitation that encourages girls\' critical thinking about media messages and stereotypes.

Sugarcoated: A closer look at Sugar
Presented by Allegheny County Health Department
Girls will learn about less obvious sources of sugar in many common foods, some of which are considered healthy.

Facilitating Fun!
Presented by GSWPA - Program Staff
Adults will learn how to facilitate team building activities for their troops or groups.

Chemistry of Color
Presented by PPG Industries
Girls engage with real female scientists in this hands on chemistry discovery session that is explores the chemistry behind the colors we see.

Please visit our \"website\":https://gsusa.ebiz.uapps.net/vp/default.aspx?pid=10 to register for the event.

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