It's MagNut Time!

Oct 01, 2012 Posted in Girl News, Home Page, Newsroom, Volunteer News

Oh, what a girl can do! It's time for the 2012 MagNut Program!

Our annual fall program of magazines orders and nuts/candy gives each registered Girl Scout the chance to set a goal and earn proceeds.

Girl Scouts can earn 15% of their total sales through the MagNut Program. Last year alone, GSWPA Girl Scouts earned more than $410,000 for their troops, which they used for tons of activities including caring for animals at a shelter, visiting Washington, D.C. for the national singalong and attending programs listed in our S'more publication.

Check out the full line up of nuts and candy.

The timing of this program gives girls revenue to start out their Girl Scout year before they benefit from their Cookie Program proceeds. They also earn fun recognitions -- and develop five skills they'll use throughout their lives:

  • Goal Setting,
  • Decision Making,
  • Money Management,
  • People Skills, and
  • Business Ethics.

Want to order but don't know a Girl Scout? We can help!

Yes, we know many schools are also holding fundraising activities during the fall. But, Girl Scouts is offering some very unique items in our line-up. The popular chocolate covered pretzels in an adorable Library Tin, Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins – great for our hockey fans — and our Cranberry Nut Mix make great teacher gifts or stocking stuffers. This year’s unique Juliette Low’s Mailbox Tin filled with Carmel Treasures is a must have keepsake for all current and former Girl Scouts – and magazine subscriptions are a great gift that lasts all year and is perfect for faraway relatives.

This year's unique Juliette Gordon Low malibox tin filled with Caramel Treasures is a must-have keepsake for current and former Girl Scouts -- and magazine subscriptions are great gifts that last all year (perfect for faraway relatives).

Learn more about the MagNut Program

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