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You want your daughter's future to be even brighter than you can imagine — when you sign her up for Girl Scouts, you make that happen.

  • Girl Scouts will help your daughter gain the confidence to be who she wants to be, to stand up to peer pressure that tells her to be ordinary and mocks her big dreams.
  • At Girl Scouts, your daughter will be part of something that helps her use her unique talents to become the leader she wants to be. It will help her develop the skills and interests she feels are important.
  • In Girl Scouting, girls practice being leaders in their daily lives so they can become the future leaders the world needs.
  • By enrolling your daughter in Girl Scouts, you are preparing her to be part of a world where gender-balanced leadership is the norm, and where women and men play an equal role in making decisions that change our world
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Girl Scout Cookies

Cookies make things happen for Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouting and Girl Scout Cookies go hand-in-hand. The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls Important Financial Literacy Skills, as well as basic business skills -- including:

  • goal setting,
  • decision making,
  • money management,
  • people skills and
  • business ethics.

These skills don't just benefit girls while they're selling Girl Scout Cookies. They build on each of these skills throughout their time in Girl Scouts -- and naturally apply what they learn to theirl lives.

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