Family Handbook

This resource is designed for anyone new to Girl Scouting or considering Girl Scouting as an option for their daughter.


When girls succeed, so does society. Together, we can get her there. ToGetHerThere to learn more about this exciting initiative from Girl Scouts of the USA.

Girl Scout Research Institute

Girls have a lot to say, and the Girl Scout Research Institute is their voice.

The the Girl Scout Research Institute is the premier research organization devoted to the development and well-being of girls -- not just Girl Scouts, but all girls. GSRI informs adults about girls' issues and guides program development to make sure we're all succeeding for every girl. As never before, we know what's working ... what where more focus is needed.

For the past ten years, and disseminated research to a variety of audiences on critical issues faced by girls and young women. The goal of the GSRI is to raise awareness and inform public policy by amplifying the voices of girls on issues that are important to them and for them. Listening to girls’ voices is consistent with the larger vision of encouraging girl leadership held by the Girl Scouts of the USA..

The portfolio titles below access related research publications:

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