Renew for next year!

I can't wait to ... have fun again next year!


Did you get that super-excited, butterflies-in-the-stomach, just-can't-wait-to-see-what-comes-next feeling at Girl Scouts this year?

Imagine how much more you'll get to explore with us next year!

Early Bird is a chance to register for the next membership year in Girl Scouting (Oct. 1-Sept. 30) a little early. Then, you'll have one less thing to worry about in the fall.

Get a jump on Fall Registration!

  • Beat the "back-to-school" madness.
  • Minimize paperwork.
  • Secure girl and adult participation in troops.
  • Troop leaders can get early access to the new Volunteer Toolkit over the summer, which will provide resources to help you focus on the fun of leading your K-5 troop
  • Troops can use funds from their troop treasuries to easily re-register girls online. It's a great way to use the money your troop earned all year together.
  • Hit the ground running in the fall!

Any member (girl or adult) that renews their membership online between April 1-30 gets:

  • A super awesome free patch! Patches can be picked up at any council shop from May 4-16.
  • Service Unit Bonus - get a free Girl Scout banner (2'×8') when 40% of your girls re-register by April 30.

Renew your membership starting April 1

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