Places to Go

Looking for a fun activity for your Girl Scouts?

Places to Go (Formerly Certificates of Insurance) let's you know more in-depth information on places to go with your Girl Scouts. Remember, safety is top priority in Girl Scouts, so be sure to check Safety Activity Checkpoints before planning an activity or trip.

To ensure the safety of our members, facilities, stables and bus/transportation companies offering "high-risk" activities must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance as evidence that they carry the required amount of liability coverage as listed below. High-risk activities are listed on the Trip/Camping and High-Risk Activity Application.

Facilities and Stables - $1 million
Bus/Transportation Companies - $5 million

Girl Scouts are not permitted to use high-risk facilities, stables or bus/transportation companies that do not have a valid Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with GSWPA.

*Stables also require a staff phone interview with the facility manager. To make arrangements for a phone interview, contact Andrea Kelly, Outdoor Program Manager or call 800-248-3355 ×1125. Advanced notice is required. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for phone interview and final approval to occur.

For help in requesting a Certificate of Liability Insurance from high-risk facilities, stables and bus/transportation companies, please download the request letter.

For questions concerning Certificate of Liability Insurance or troop liability insurance issues, email the Assistant to the COO or call 800-248-3355 ext. 1023. New and updated certificates can be faxed to: 412-391-4413.

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