First Aid/CPR for Adults

First Aid training is required of the adult acting as the primary first-aider for the Girl Scout group activities indicated in the Safety Activity Checkpoints (formerly Safety-Wise). This course may be offered upon request by contacting your volunteer development manager or

Visit our Things to Do calendar to register.

While GSWPA offers these courses throughout the year, you can also contact your local community program providers for First Aid/CPR Courses in your area.

Girl Scout-accepted First Aid courses can be provided by:

  • American Red Cross
  • American Safety and Health Institute
  • Emergency First Response
  • Medic First Aid International Inc.
  • National Safety Council
  • American Heart Association
  • American Academy of Orthapaedic Surgeons
  • EMS Safety Service

Minimum age for certification is 14. GSWPA does not allow anyone under 18 to be in the role of first aider.

Various pricing will occur due to each provider determining their course fees. Upon certification, please forward a copy of your certification either by mail to the training registrar at the Edinboro office OR email to

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