Training Q & A

How do I know what learning opportunities are required for my volunteer position?
You’ll find this information in Volunteer Essentials on page 98-99. You can also contact your membership manager or specialist, volunteer learning.

How are volunteer enrichments, trainings and courses planned and scheduled?
An assessment of enrichments, trainings and courses needed is completed by Girl Scout volunteers. This information is provided to the specialist, volunteer learning who contacts our volunteer facilitators to set up dates, times and locations based on where trainings are needed.

How do I receive information on new adult learning opportunities?
S’more includes descriptions of courses and a brief listing of volunteer learning opportunities being offered council-wide. However, all dates, times and locations of enrichments, trainings and courses are posted regularly on our Web site. Membership and Volunteer Management departments also use the Service Unit Agenda you receive at service unit meetings to promote events close to you.

There are many useful workshops such as songs and games, traditions, ceremonies, etc. that I’d like to attend, but these don’t always match with my schedule. What can I do?

Learning opportunities, like the ones listed above, can be coordinated by your membership manager, specialist, volunteer learning and service unit manager, or by submitting the Training by Request form.

How can I register for a learning opportunity?

Refer to your recent copy of" S’more":/newsroom/publications/ magazine and submit the Learning Post Events Registration Form by mail to:
GSWPA Edinboro office
5681 Route 6N
Edinboro, PA 16412

Who needs to submit a volunteer application?

To ensure the safety of our girls and adults, all adults who volunteer with Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania and have direct contact with girls need to become members and complete the volunteer application process.

Where can I find procedures for taking my troop on an overnight trip?
Trip procedures can be found in the Volunteer Essentials manual.

Does GSWPA run background checks on their volunteers?
Yes. Protecting our members is top priority. Screenings and reference checks are crucial parts of our process. Criminal background checks are performed by independent, third-party, background-screening agencies.

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