Girl Scout Servicemark

To download, click the desired servicemark and save it to your computer.

GSWPA Servicemark Green-Black
GSWPA Servicemark Black

GSWPA Horizontal Green-Black
GSWPA Horizontal Black

Standard Guidelines for Girl Scout Marks

  • They may be reproduced only from approved artwork.
  • They may never be redrawn, reproportioned, or modified in any way. If a larger or smaller version is required, they should be reduced or enlarged in their entirety so that the proportions remain exactly as designed.
  • They should not be shaded or screened.
  • They may never be reproduced from a scanned image or from an artist's rendering, including computer-generated images created by individual girl or adult Girl Scout members or anyone else.
  • They are not used as part of or within another design or graphic device.
  • Only GSUSA may authorize design variations to them.
  • They should not be grammatically joined or linked to any words, phrases, or lettering.
  • They should be displayed only once on a product.
  • They should not be used as a watermark or repetitive design, e.g., a background pattern on a computer screen or on wrapping paper.
  • They should not be animated.

Servicemark Spacing

Servicemark Spacing

Margin and/or clearance space around the servicemark is determined by the height of the “g” in the servicemark itself.

Color Palette

Color Palette

Girl Scouts and green go together. To ensure that we continue to claim the color and to solidify our identity, embrace green. Be sure to include a least a bit of green in every piece you produce.

The three core colors are green (PMS 355), black and white. Please note, tints are not part of the palette.

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