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Kinds of Camping

Troop Camping

Want to camp together as a troop and have the freedom to design your own camp experience? Reserve the facilities at one of our camps and plan your own adventures! You’ll also make your own meals with the provided basic cooking equipment. Troop leaders, you’ll need Outdoor Skills Training, as well as First Aid and CPR.

Offered at: Camps Redwing, Conshatawba, Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow

Council-Sponsored Troop Camping

If your troop is new to camping or you just want to kick back, have fun and let us take care of the details, Council-Sponsored Troop Camping is for you! Here’s how it works: Troop leaders and troop committee volunteers sign up to attend a Core camp session with girls from their troop, and provide enough council-approved volunteers for supervision of the troop throughout the day and night and to meet our volunteer-to-girl ratio requirements. Our camp staff will provide meals and coordinate all of the activities throughout the day and evening.

Offered at: Camps Conshatawba, Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow

Resident Camp

Girls looking for a true camp experience and a little bit of independence will love resident camp! Choose from overnights, week-long camps, or whatever your heart desires! Camp by yourself or with a buddy, and stay in one of our camps’ lodges, cabins or tent units. All programs and meals are provided; just bring yourself and your gear, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Offered at: Camps Conshatawba, Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow

Camp At Home

Our Camp At Home sessions bring you the camp magic, traditions, and badge work, all without having to leave your home and give girls a chance to connect with each other through a common love for camping and the outdoors. 

Each Camp At Home experience includes:

  • a virtual platform where campers, parents, and GSWPA staff can communicate, organize activities, and connect throughout the week
  • council-led activities by grade level 
  • family fun night 
  • videos with activities for girls to complete on their own time
  • live campfire with traditional camp songs
  • camp-wide activity, sharing, and camp closing ceremony 
  • messages throughout the week from the camp director to help girls prep for adventures
  • grade-level specific badge content 
  • video highlights of girls' favorite places at our camps
  • Meet the Camp Ranger videos that include questions from GSWPA Girl Scouts
  • badge and camp patch 
Family Camp

The entire family can enjoy all the cool things Girl Scout Camp has to offer! Bring mom, dad or another significant adult for a day or overnight family camp. Programming and meals are provided.

Offered at: Camps Conshatawba, Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow

Volunteer-Led Day Camps

Looking for loads of other options and the ability to spend your days at camp and your evenings at home? Day camps are planned and ran by our volunteers throughout the council. 

GSWPA Overnight Programs

For first-time Daisy and Brownie campers!
Maybe you haven’t had time to take your outdoor skills training yet or you’re nervous to take the girls on their first overnight. What activities should you plan to make sure the girls have fun and learn? We can help! Schedule your perfect, unique GSWPA Overnight to launch your Daisy or Brownie troop into awesome camping adventures.