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Rhino on the Run

We’re excited to introduce you to Savannah the Rhino—the mascot of our fall product sale, MagNut! Savannah had some free time this summer and joined GSWPA Girl Scouts on their adventures! Check out the photos we received in the Savannah the Rhino photo album.

Choose and print your Savannah the Rhino coloring page by clicking on an image below:


Saving the Species

Five species of rhinos exist today; the black and white rhinos are native to Africa, and the sumatran, javan and indian rhinos are native to Asia. Our MagNut Program mascot Savannah represents northern white rhinos, a subspecies of white rhinos. Currently, there are only two northern white rhinos in existence—Najin and Fatu, a mother and daughter duo. 

Conservationists are hopeful that with the help of science and technology, they will be able to save the species. Even though it will be a long, difficult process, scientists and conservationist hold out hope based on past experience. Through protective measures implemented by conservations and government regulations, the southern white rhino was brought back from 200 to current population around 20,000.

You can learn more about endangered species and how you can help by earning the Endangered Species patch through GSWPA’s patch program.