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Cookie Cast

GSWPA is looking for Girl Scouts to join the first-ever Cookie Cast! As part of the Cookie Cast, Girl Scouts will have the chance to be interviewed by local media, including TV, newspapers, radio, and podcasts, as well as be featured with GSWPA—on the GSWPA blog, social media, the website, and more!

The ideal Cookie Cast Member will:

  • Have a cookie goal set for the 2019 Cookie Program. It can be anything. Traveling to Niagara Falls or to Costa Rica? Supporting furry friends at a local animal shelter or headed out for your annual troop camping trip? There’s no such thing as a small cookie goal! We want to show our communities the many different adventures and experiences that are powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
  • Know the 5 Skills and how the cookie program teaches Girl Scouts about each one, individually and collectively.
  • Feel comfortable talking to others, having your photo taken, and being on video.

At the end of the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program, all Cookie Cast members will receive a fun patch for their help and participation!

Join the Cookie Cast

To get started, interested GSWPA Girl Scouts must use this entry form to submit a video clip.

Videos should be about 3 minutes long and in a .mov or .mp4 format.

In the clip, girls should talk about their experience in the cookie program like it’s an interview! Answer some of the questions below: 

  • How many years have you sold cookies?
  • What kinds of things have you used cookie proceeds for?
  • What is your goal this year?
  • What are you planning to do with your cookie proceeds this year?
  • What are the 5 Skills?
  • How have you learned about the 5 Skills through the cookie program?
  • What’s your favorite cookie?
  • How do you help customers decide what to buy?
  • How will you achieve your goal?
  • Are you participating in Bling Your Booth this year? How does Bling Your Booth help cookie sales?

Don’t worry about editing the clip—we just want to hear what you have to say about the cookie program!

GSWPA staff will select Cookie Cast members based on their cookie program knowledge and their presentation of information in their submitted video.

All entrants will be notified through email when GSWPA has selected the full 2019 GSWPA Cookie Cast.

For more information on the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Cast, please contact Stefanie Marshall, GSWPA public relations associate, at 800-248-3355 or at