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Thank you, volunteers

This year has been filled with many challenges. But it's no surprise that our volunteers stepped up to make this year's product sales a success! We want to recognize those volunteers who went above and beyond for their girls. 

The following volunteers have been nominated for their outstanding efforts.

Amy Barnhart
Lora Batchelor
Veronica Belanger-Weideman
Cyndi Bland
Carrie Blasko
Amy Bonati
Liz Borovich
Diane Bova
Alyssa Bracken
Jen Brenizer
Linda Brison
Alicia Chandler
Alicia Clark
Valerie Crawford
Sue Dickson
Ashley Ebke
Aftyn Giles
Janeen Hannigan
Janelle Hayes
Jodi Holland
Jamie Holmes
Beth Kistler
Fahima Knestrick
Sharon Lowther
Debbie Massafra
Jo Ann Messett
Laurie Mudge
Megan Myers
Muriel Nuttall
Emily Parana
Carrie Pesce
Donna Rittman
Jennifer Santaguido
Don Shaffer
Sarah Shaffer
Sarah Slegal
Jennifer Smith
Nicole Somerville
Heather Soose
Jess Sorge
Amber Spokart
Carla Thrasher
Chris Thrasher
Laura Tokar
Jess Tucker
Stacy Weathers
Misty Weyant
Michelle Whitehouse
Melissa Wilcox
Rachael Williams

Carrie Blasko
"Carrie is a nurse full time and has 4 daughters. She also was going to school. On top of that, she managed our cookie program. She is one amazing lady!"

Diane Bova
"Diane inspires and encourages her Girl Scouts to not be afraid to set goals high and to work hard to reach them. I am so proud to know, work with, and call her a sister in Girl Scouts."

Debbie Massafra
"Without Debbie and her consistency over the last at least 10 years, we could not have a cookie sale for Central Westmoreland Service Unit. She keeps us focused, strong, and successful year in and year out."

Amber Spokart
"She remained 100% committed, upbeat, and organized despite having surgery in the middle of everything. She is an amazing woman, leader, and friend."

Chris Thrasher
"While ending his Active Duty Military Service in October of 2021, he assisted his wife and Troop 27314 in managing their MagNut sales program."

Stacy Weathers
"My mom stood by me and was there for me all throughout the cookie sale even though it was a really hard time with COVID. We made it through and she is my hero."