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Make Your Own Program!

Want to organize an activity with your girl, troop, or service unit at a time, date, or place that works for your schedule? No problem! 

Check out our new Girl Scout Discovery Packs, quarterly activity boxes delivered to your doorstep! Or, rent a Program Kit (not available at this time) from one of our council offices to hold your own troop or service unit event at a time and location of your choice. You can also schedule your own adventure with one of our Program Pros listed below.

Are you, or do you know of an organization that would be a great program partner? If you would like your organization listed below for troops to schedule their own programs, please fill out our Program Partner Website Listing application. If you are interested in partnering with us to offer a Girl Scout council-sponsored event listed on our Activities List, please fill out our Program Partner Council Sponsored Event application. For additional questions, email us at

Girl Scout Discovery Packs

What is a Girl Scout Discovery Pack?
Available exclusively for Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania members, the Girl Scout Discovery Pack is a quarterly, self-paced activity box packed full of Girl Scout fun and goodies and delivered to your doorstep. Each box will have a specific theme and include three to four hands-on challenges with an age-specific guide (plus a how-to guide for the girl's helper). They also include a SWAP, fun patch, and surprise item from our Girl Scout shop! The cost is $35 per box.

Our NEW! Discovery Pack: Home Chef
Brush off your spatula and throw on your apron. It's time to be the star of your own cooking show with our Home Chef Discovery Pack. This Discovery Pack will not only have you whipping up delicious treats to share, but it also has hands-on experiments, essential kitchen first aid, crafts, recipe creation, and more. There is something for everyone in this pack from the novice to the culinary pro. Every pack includes a cooking fun patch and a special item from our Girl Scout shop, making them a great gift for the holidays! Limited quantities are available so order yours today! Registration ends Nov. 30. 

Program Kits

Due to safety precautions surrounding the spread of COVID-19, program kits are not available for rental at this time . If you would like to make your own kit, we have provided the program guides and any additional documents needed for the Fashion Designer, Mad Eggs-periments, Insane Improv, and Pet/Animal Care 101 kits below!

Available Kits: 

Fashion Designer
Hey Fashionista! It is time to walk the runway as you express yourself through fashion! Try new styles, jazz up outfits, and show off styles that make you feel and look great. This kit is haute! Use this as you work on an It's Your Story, Tell It Journey, as part of the Eating for Beauty Badge. 
GS level
: Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Program Guides: Fashion Lingo Guide; Fashion Designer Facilitator Guide; Fashion Design Magazine Scavenger Hunt
Cost: FREE

Mad Eggs-periments
Be an egg head! Become Home Scientists as you dive into these fun experiments! Explore the fundamentals of density, bubble making, and kitchen science as you find out where science has been hiding in your own home. Brownies earn the Home Scientist badge. 
GS level
: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Program Guide:
Mad Home Egg-speriments Facilitator Guide
Cost: FREE

Insane Improv
Let your imagination go crazy as you play games that take your performance skills to the next level! Try animal imitation or host a party with the weirdest guests you can think of! Use this kit to help with team and confidence building, public speaking, or the media components of your Journeys and Badges.  
GS Level
: Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Program Guide:
Insane Improv Outline
Cost: FREE

Pet/Animal Care 101
Cute and cuddly, slimy and slithery, wet, or feathered, animals are awesome! If you hope to someday care for an animal, either as a pet owner or by caring for wild animals in their natural habitats, this is a great place to start. Use this kit to work on the Daisy Journey--5 Stories, 4 flowers, 3 Cheers for Animals, the Pets Brownie Badge, or the Animal Habitats Junior Badge.
GS Level: Daisy, Brownie, Junior
Program Guides: Pet Care 101 Outline; Pet Care Add Ons
Cost: FREE

Brownie Making Things Zoom – Goldieblox
Design, Build, and Test! The Brownie Making Things Zoom Goldieblox kit can be used to earn all 3 Brownie Design Challenge Badges - Fling Flyer, Leap Bot, and Race Design. Learn about engineering, gravity and force by building and testing a leap bot. Use design to affect speed by designing and testing a car. Discover how forces affect flight by building and testing a Fling Flyer.
GS Level: Brownie
Request time frame: Two weeks prior to pick up
Cost: $25.00 Each kit includes six sets of Goldieblox parts for 12 girls to work in pairs. $5.00 from the $25.00 deposit will be held if kit is returned with missing parts.  

Daisy Making Things Move – Goldieblox
Design, Build and Test! The Daisy Making Things Move Goldieblox kit can be used to earn all 3 Daisy Design Challenge badges. Daisies learn about inventing as they create a board game, engineering and friction by building and testing a model car, and engineering and motion by building & testing a roller coaster.  
GS Level: Daisy
Request time frame: Two weeks prior to pick up
Cost: $25.00 Each kit includes six sets of Goldieblox parts for 12 girls to work in pairs. $5.00 from the $25.00 deposit will be held if kit is returned with missing parts.  

Please note:

  • A $25 refundable deposit is required to reserve a kit. Deposits are refunded when the kits are returned on time and in their entirety. 
  • The only program that currently requires a non-refundable payment is For Goodness Cakes. The $10 per girl fee includes a patch and the girls keep the kits. 
  • Program kits must be returned within two weeks to the same location where they were picked up.
  • Kits must be requested 3-4 weeks prior to picking up (see descriptions above).
Program Pros

Choose your own adventure at a time that works best for your troop. A Program Pro is a business or group in your community that offers amazing programs and benefits just for Girl Scouts. While these programs aren’t run by council staff, our Program Pros who offer them may offer discounts or relate their program to Girl Scout badges. Plus, they meet all safety requirements. Program Pros take all questions directly about the event—as well as registrations. Be sure to check back often as this list will be updated quarterly.

List coming soon