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Troop Leader Blueprint for an Amazing Year

Your Blueprint for an Amazing Troop Year

New troop year? Bring it on!

Keep your troop going strong with these specially adapted badges, Journeys, and activities for virtual and safe in-person meetings, as well as current COVID-19 guidelines and resources. We’re here to support you as you help your troop thrive.

GSWPA Training, Resources, and Support

We hear from troop leaders that you want to keep your girls connected through Girl Scouts but have concerns about meeting in person. We’ve got you covered! Whether you're meeting in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of both, we have training, resources, and ways to support you. 


LEADher Learning Series 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
Our LEADher Learning Series is designed to help you be an unstoppable troop volunteer prepared to lead her. Each month is dedicated to a topic with several opportunities for you to find a workshop that fits your schedule. Be sure to return to our Activities page to find additional series as they're added. 

Leader Planning for 2020
The first workshop in the LEADher Learning Series, this video is an overview of the leader planning template designed to help you plan your troop’s activities for the next few months. For more in-depth information on this template and to explore resources to help support your planning, sign up for a LEADher Learning Series webinar.

gsLearn courses - virtual meetings and activities 
(virtual, or hybrid meetings)

  • Facilitating Virtual Troop Meetings 
    In this course, you’ll learn about how to create and facilitate an engaging virtual troop meeting. Be sure to check out the additional reference material section for more resources! This course will take 24 minutes to complete.

  • Zoom for Girl Scouts 
    From setting up a Zoom account to using the meeting tools in Zoom, this course will guide you through learning how to use Zoom for meetings, including how to create and set up a Zoom account, schedule and prepare for Zoom meetings, and discovering the Zoom features and how they can be applied to Girl Scout meetings.

    To access these courses:
    • Log in to MyGS
    • Select GS LEARN on the Welcome page
    • Select Content Library on your dashboard 
    • Type the name of the course in the search bar or select it from the available content displayed

Volunteer Toolkit Webinars 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
If you’re looking for a general how-to or refresher on the Volunteer Toolkit or catch one (or all!) of our deeper-dives when we’ll discuss best practices for using the Volunteer Toolkit outdoor activities icon, virtual icon, features for multi-level troop planning, and features for optimizing family engagement.


Discounted Zoom licenses 
(virtual or hybrid meetings)
When you can’t meet in person, gathering virtually through Zoom keeps your Girl Scout sisterhood strong! Girl Scouts of the USA partnered with Zoom for discounted Zoom accounts, and we are happy to share those with our volunteers. The cost of a Zoom license is $36 per year per authorized user, and the accounts are active Aug. 1 through July 31.

Volunteer Toolkit 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital planning resource that supports troop leaders and co-leaders, making the process of running a troop easier and more efficient.

In-Person Meeting Format Checklist (coming soon!) 
(in-person or hybrid meetings)

Make Your Own Program 
(in-person or hybrid meetings)
Want to organize an activity with your troop or service unit at a time, date or place that works for your schedule? No problem! Check out our new Girl Scout Disovery Packs, Partner Pros, and Program Kits (currently unavailable). 

Patch Programs 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
Bring the exploration, fun, and learning of Girl Scouts to  troop with our collection of self-guided PDFs or virtual patch program videos. 

At-Home Activities for Girls 
(virtual or hybrid meetings)
No one wants to “press pause” on Girl Scouts, and we’re here to help your girl continue to learn, build skills, and make new friends through virtual programming. Because no, you #CantStopGirlScouts.

Meeting/Activity Ideas 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
Want to know what you should be doing with your troop from month to month? Just need an idea for a simple craft or activity? Check out our collection of helpful and fun resources to make your Girl Scout year amazing. 

Insured Sites & Facilities 
(in-person or hybrid meetings)
To ensure the safety of our members, sites and facilities offering "high-adventure" activities must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance as evidence that they carry the required amount of liability coverage.

Safety Activity Checkpoints 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
Safety Activity Checkpoints provide in-depth safety information and tips that adult volunteers use for Girl Scout sports and activities. Girls can also use these checkpoints to ready their group for a girl-led activity. When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints (SACs) written specifically for that particular activity.
Note: "Adult,” in reference to adult-to-girl ratio, means a registered and approved adult volunteer with GSWPA, who has completed the volunteer screening process.

Regional State Parks Map 
(in-person or hybrid meetings)
Did you know there are 56 state parks and forests in western Pennsylvania? It's true! That's 56 places to bike, hike, camp and make amazing memories with your family or troop. This map will show you where they're located.


Volunteer Support Live Q&A Sessions 
(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
Beginning in October, our Volunteer Support team will host weekly Q&A Sessions via Zoom Meetings for you to pop in, say ‘hi’, and ask a question you may have.

(in-person, virtual, or hybrid meetings)
Rallyhood is a communication tool that makes leader-to-leader networking easier. Each rally, or group, is a private, online, digital space that includes communication and coordination tools such as a shared calendar, message board, photo gallery, and a place to upload and download files. A rally makes group effort seamless by eliminating the chaos of those terrible reply-all emails. It also sends out automatic reminders for upcoming events, and you can access it from your computer or smart phone. 

COVID-19 Guidelines

Check our council’s current COVID guidelines before planning any troop activities.

GSUSA Training and Planning Tools
Meeting Planning Tools

Check out these tried-and-true resources from fellow troop leaders who successfully adapted their meetings for in-person-safe and virtual settings.

Planning Activities

These volunteer-generated ideas can you help adapt to any meeting environment. You can also visit the program level pages above to view adaptations for specific badges and journeys.

Connecting with Families

Program Ideas and Adaptations​

Power a fun-filled troop year with this curated selection of badges, Journeys, and activities to help you throughout this troop year.

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Multi-Level Troops