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Volunteers required to complete new PA state clearances


In Girl Scouting, safety is our #1 priority. Due to new legislation (PA Act 153) there are some new rules we all need to follow as a volunteer organization.

Nonprofits, like the Girl Scouts, must ensure that our volunteers complete the required background clearances starting July 1. 

There is no charge to obtain these clearances, with the exception of the FBI Criminal Background Check ($27), which is required only if you've lived outside Pennsylvania anytime in the past 10 years. 

Since these processes can be confusing, we've outlined everything below so you know exactly which clearances you need to volunteer with Girl Scouts.

A few things to note: 

  • If you received the required clearances for another organization within the last 36 months, they are valid and we can accept a copy of your results along with your online affidavit. Just send them to the address or email indicated below.
  • The fastest way to do all of this is to follow the guidelines for electronic submission and send copies to us by email. Paper forms are available as a last resort (and it’s going to take a lot longer for the State of Pennsylvania to process them).
  • We have a lot of clearances to collect, so please submit ALL copies along with the affidavit at one time to avoid your paperwork being separated.
  • Send copies of all completed clearances to us:
    Mail: Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, Attn: Volunteer Screening, 5681 Route 6N, Edinboro PA 16412
    Fax: 814-734-7701 Attn: Volunteer screening
  • Have questions? Need clarification? Reach out to us at or call Terra Corsini, Volunteer Screening Specialist, at 800-248-3355 x1410, and we’ll help you out.

What do you need to do?

ALL GSWPA VOLUNTEERS will need to complete: 

If you've lived outside Pennsylvania anytime in the past 10 years you'll ALSO need to complete: 

If you're a new volunteer who has not yet obtained clearances, or you're an existing volunteer but your national criminal background check is expiring, you'll ALSO need to complete: 

  • GSWPA Volunteer Application - No charge
  • National Criminal Background Check - No charge
    (Once you complete the Volunteer Application, you'll receive a notification with instructions to complete the National Criminal Background Check.)