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GSWPA Camp Analysis Underway

The Council Camp Advisory Team (Council CAT), which includes volunteers representing each GSWPA camp, along with the Property Committee of the Board, and council staff, have been reviewing camp data including usage, revenue and expenses.

This team, along with our property consultant Mark Allsup, has reviewed all data and details to determine our next steps related to our camps. We are in the final review of all data to determine how many and which camps will remain in place.

Currently, only 12.71% of council membership attend camp, and overall, camps are bringing in revenue of only about $500,000 but have expenses of around $1.5 million. Council subsidy over recent years has been nearly 70%, while the Council CAT has recommended a maximum council subsidy of 50%. This data shows that our membership does not support having nine camps.

Recommendations surrounding the number of GSWPA camps that our council can support, as well as which camps they will be, will be presented to the Board of Directors in January. We’ll keep our membership up-to-date as this process continues. Look for summer camp programs and opportunities for 2017 in Camp S’more later this winter.

Please submit any questions or feedback to our online Suggestion Box.