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GSWPA Camp Properties Plan - FAQs


Are camps closing? Which camps are affected?

We are retaining four camps that are accessible to the different areas within in our council and can best provide meaningful, safe and fun adventures for girls: Conshatawba in Cambria County, Hawthorne Ridge in Erie County, Redwing in Butler County, and Skymeadow in Armstrong County.

Camps Elliott, Curry Creek, Resting Waters, Roy Weller and Singing Hills will be sold.

This change will allow us to build a plan for enhancing camp programs and amenities.

How did you select the facilities you will retain?

The Council Camp Advisory Team (Council CAT), which includes volunteers representing each GSWPA camp, along with the Property Committee of the Board, and council staff, have been reviewing camp data including usage, revenue and expenses.

This team, along with our property consultant Mark Allsup, has reviewed all data and details to determine how many and which camps remain in place. The board reviewed the analysis and made their decision based on these factors:

  • use
  • maintenance
  • accessibility
  • capacity
  • opportunity for improvements and growth

Are these decisions final?

Yes, the board unanimously approved the plan on January 21, 2017.

Our board, GSWPA staff and Council CAT spent several years analyzing the use of our properties and considering recommendations. They made this difficult decision in order to best position our council to meet the needs of, and ultimately provide opportunities for, more Girl Scouts throughout western Pennsylvania.

How will camp programs change?

Resident camp programs will be offered at three camps—Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow and Conshatawba.

No resident camp programs will be offered at Redwing. Instead, the camp will be throughout the year for troops and service units to use for day camp, troop camping, service unit camp or weekend events.

What will the money from the sale be used for?

Any money from the sale of properties will be used to support our strategic priorities to serve girls throughout our council, including maintaining and enhancing our four camps.

When will camps close?

Camps Elliott, Curry Creek, Resting Waters, Roy Weller and Singing Hills closed on March 31, 2017. Closing ceremonies were held at each camp in April. 

Will we be able to use camps while they’re on the market?

No, Camps Elliott, Curry Creek, Resting Waters, Roy Weller and Singing Hills will not be available for use after March 31.

Will we still have resident camp at all the properties this year?

Resident camp programs will be available at Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow and Conshatawba. See a complete schedule of resident camp programs

Why aren’t there resident camp programs at Redwing?

We’ve eliminated resident programs from this property to ensure that troops and service units have ample availability to schedule other popular types of camping. You can now enjoy day camp, troop camping or other council events at Redwing throughout the year.

This change allows staff to focus on delivering resident camp programs at three of our camps and preserves Redwing as a traditional Girl Scout camp option for troops and service units.

Why aren’t there horse programs at Redwing?

Horse programs at Redwing were severely limited by the amount of trails and space available, and lacked opportunities for skill progression as girls improved their riding abilities. By moving the horse programs to Camp Skymeadow, girls of all riding levels can take full advantage of its miles of beautiful woodland trails and enjoy programs that progress in skill and adventure.

How will staff be impacted?

Rangers will remain at Hawthorne Ridge, Skymeadow, Conshatawba and Redwing. We are currently hiring two full-time camp directors at Conshtatawba and Skymeadow, and one seasonal camp director at Hawthorne Ridge. 


Recap of Camp Decision Leadership Meetings 

A total of 152 members (121 adults and 31 girls) attended the leadership meetings throughout our council in February to discuss the camp closure decision, and how we can work in partnership to provide meaningful and fun programs, including outdoors and camp programs, to more Girl Scouts across western Pennsylvania. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and ideas.  

Didn't make it to a meeting? View the Power Point presentation to see what was discussed.  

You can find answers to some of your questions on our Camp Plan FAQs or you can submit questions or feedback through the suggestion box.