DIY Experts 07-15-18
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DIY Experts 07-15-18

Sun Jul 15, 3:00 PM - Fri Jul 20, 2:00 PM EST
GSWPA Camp Conshatawba, 288 Oaks Rd, Summerhill, PA, 15958, USA Map
$350 per girl
Senior, Ambassador
Ever looked at an art project online and thought, “I can do that!�? Join us for a week of all the DIY projects you’ve never had time to try and tackle. Combine the crafty and the functional in a week of string art, crayon melting on canvas, and a guided paint class, so you can head home with some beautiful and creative decorations for your room. In between, learn some easy DIY life hacks to help keep you organized and fashionable at school or chillin’ at the beach. You’ll also leave your mark by working on our permanent piece of camp art.

Registration Deadline:  June 24, 2018