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Coffee & Case Briefs Workshop: Inside Government Badge 11-08-19

Fri Nov 08, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST
Barco Law Building, 3900 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 Map
This program is intended to empower young women and promote interest in the law.  Hosted by the Pitt Law Women's Association and If/When/How, we plan to teach attendees how to examine situations and spot legal issues. In our case, we'll be using beloved Disney stories, including the Little Mermaid (did she sign a valid contract with Ursula?). The Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to defend their Disney character clients with the use of the law. 
Additionally, we will give attendees a tour of the law school, including the Courtroom. Girl Scouts will earn the Inside Government Badge from this event. Badge not included. 
To register, contact Carly Bellini at or (412) 853-1111 
Registration Deadline: 11-07-19

There is no cost for this event.