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Project Accessory Challenge 2020

Thu Oct 01, 12:01 AM - Sun Dec 20, 11:59 PM EST
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
3rd Annual Project Accessory Fun Challenge
“Makers gonna make!�?

What’s Project Accessory all about? Project Accessory is a GSWPA challenge designed to encourage and inspire girls to be creative, resourceful, and have fun!

Do you have what it takes to be an accessory designer? Do you love to make, create, and design? Daisy through Ambassador Girl Scouts can create something unique to showcase their individual talent. Throughout this challenge, girls will get to design and make their very own accessories.

What type of accessory? That’s up to YOU! It can be a necklace, earrings, a purse, or any other type of accessory you love. Girls can earn as many of the design challenge patches as they would like. Is this your first year participating in the challenge? Grab the main GSWPA Project Accessory patch for the centerpiece of all your patches!

How the Challenge Works:

1. The Project Accessory Challenge runs from Thursday, October 1 through Friday, December 4, 2020.

2. Choose the challenge(s) you wish to participate in. Fill out this online registration for the challenge(s) you choose. Are you a go-getter?! Complete as many challenges as you want! The main GSWPA Project Accessory patch is $4.00, and each design challenge patch is $2.00

3. Patches will be mailed out by the end of January 2021.

Materials/Resources Needed:

1. Take to the internet! Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, and fashion websites can be great ways to gain ideas and inspiration.

2. Go window shopping! Take a trip to the mail or visit accessory boutiques and locally owned shops.

3. Visit your local library or bookstore. There are a lot of magazines and books available on making and designing accessories that can help lead way.

4. Talk to a professional. Meet with a teacher, local artist, STEM professional, or someone who makes or sells accessory. Ask them how they create their designs, tips and tricks they could share, how they learned to make accessories, and any advice they can give to help you complete the challenge.

5. Depending on the challenge(s) you decide to complete, gather the necessary materials to complete your design(s). For basic materials supplies check out Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or your local craft store. For challenge elements think outside the box – visit a hardware store, dollar store, Goodwill, Salvation Army store, or flea market.

Design Challenge Options
We are bringing back one challenge from each of our previous years plus three new challenges for 2020! Participants can choose from any of the five challenges but must create a separate accessory for each challenge.

Past Challenges:

Unconventional (2018): This challenge requires you to think outside of the box. Designs in this category must be made of materials that would not ordinarily be used for your type of design. Ideas for unconventional accessory materials are honestly endless but could include metal, screws, safety pins, toys, buttons, chain, wire…and so much more! If you wouldn’t normally find it in an accessory…its unconventional, so go for it!

Duct Tape (2019): This challenge requires you to think outside of the box. Designs in this category should be made mostly of duct tape. Options for the duct tape accessory category will set your creative side free!

2020 Challenges:

Outdoor: Become one with nature and design an accessory that is inspired by the outdoors or uses outdoor materials. You could come up with an idea by observing nature like plants and animals or you might use natural items like pebbles or dried flowers in your design.

History: Fashion trends have changed so much over time! Research fashion from another era. Create an accessory that someone from that time period would like to wear. From the 1920’s, to Ancient Greece, and so much more -the possibilities are endless!

Chemistry: Use chemistry to create or inspire your accessory. You can use chemistry to change your materials by dying it different colors. You could create a material from scratch like clay to make beads. You can even use chemistry to influence the design. Perhaps a necklace in the shape of a particular molecule!

For EACH design challenge complete the following steps:

Step 1: DISCOVER - Learn about accessory design, including balance, design elements, styles, and materials.

The design process can be fun and can allow you to let your creativity run wild!
1. Ask yourself what type of accessory you want to make - a bracelet, a necklace, a purse, something else?
2. Grab a pencil and start to write down or sketch out some initial accessory ideas. What will it look like? When and where would it be worn? What will it be made of? Who will use it?
2. Hit the library or take to the internet and research ideas for the design challenge you have chosen. Watch videos, read blogs, and take notes from accessory making guides as you plan out how to bring your design idea to life!

Step 2: CONNECT - Talk to local designers, artisans, and professionals whose expertise will help with the style of accessory you’ve chosen for this challenge.
1. With help from an adult, contact local artists and designers to talk to them about their design methods and techniques. Keep in mind, the professional you choose to contact may not be a traditional artisan… You may want to talk to a historian, chemist, or teacher.
2. Visit a local accessory store or shop and ask the owner how they decide what pieces to sell. Describe your challenge and ask if an accessory like the one you plan to make would be of interest to them.
3. Take all the information you have gathered to create a Vision or design board. Cut out and/or draw pictures and diagrams, color or paint the board, and make notations that can help bring your creation alive!

Step 3: TAKE ACTION - Begin creating your incredibly unique accessory!
1. Start creating! Gather the materials needed and begin to make your accessory. Remember that you may need to tweak your design here and there before you feel it’s finished.
2. Wear your design or gift it to someone else! Snap some pics and/or make a short video featuring your design!
3. If you haven’t already, complete registration for Project Accessory at The challenge deadline is Friday, December 4, 2020.

All done?
CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed all the necessary steps to earn the Project Accessory patch(s). Click REGISTER NOW to purchase your patches. Patches will be mailed out by the end of January 2021.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 12-20-20    ***Starting November 17, 2020 registrations will not be available until the beginning of December due to a planned system outage.***