GSWPA Council Delegates

As part of our policy-influencing process, members 14 years and older may serve as council delegates and participate in the council democratic process.

Delegates partner with the Board of Directors in developing and implementing strategic policies for the council by providing guidance/input to the Board of Directors on major issues and policies affecting the future of the council and communicating those issues and policies to Service Unit members. A complete "position description outlines these responsibilities.

  • Delegate Position Description (22.4 KB)
  • Council delegates have dual accountability to the council membership and to their Service Unit constituency.

    Delegates shall serve a term of one (1) year or until their successors are elected. Delegates may serve no more than three consecutive terms. Terms of office shall begin at the time delegates are elected.

    Council delegates are elected from within their service units , and once elected will learn more about their role and responsibility in their Delegate Self-Study Guide and the Blue Book of Basic Documents.

  • Delegate Election Procedure (31.41 KB)
  • Delegate Guide (625.11 KB)
  • Blue Book of Basic Documents (620.75 KB)
  • Council delegates may make proposals to be submitted for consideration for the Fall Town Hall and Annual meetings.

    For more information, please see your membership manager or contact

  • National Delegate Application (106.29 KB)
  • National Delegate Criteria (document missing)

  • Annual Meeting Information

    Thank you to all the girls and volunteers who attended our Annual Meeting. Through technology, we connected participants in Brookville, Greensburg, Johnstown, Erie and Bradford to our main site in Pittsburgh.

    Please mark your calendar for our next Annual Meeting, scheduled for April 25, 2015.

    Town Hall Meeting Notes

    Town Hall meetings are held each fall and spring. Registered members ages 14 and older are encouraged to attend. Delegates are strongly encouraged to attend.

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