Cookie Selling Tips

Here are a few tips to help you with this year's Cookie Program.
We hope you have fun!

  • Make sure you have a grown up with you when you're selling cookies.
  • Set a goal and always tell your customers about your goals.
  • Do you know the Number 1 reason people don't buy Girl Scout Cookies? Nobody asks them! We made some fun door hangers you can leave if a customer isn't home so you don't miss their order.
  • Ask, ask and ask again. When you deliver cookies, ask customers if they would like to buy one more box. (Your troop leader actually has extra cookies to sell. If you're not in a troop, you can get them from a Cookie Cupboard.)
  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform while selling Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Return to homes of cookie customers who are not home.
  • Let them know about Operation: Sweet Appreciation. It's a great way to buy an extra box to support our military!
  • If someone says no, say thank you anyway and continue to sell. Don’t let a “no” bring you down.
  • Keep your order form this year. You can use it as a customer list for next year.
  • Have fun!

Have a tip you'd like to share? E-mail us!

What's your Cookie Personality?


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