Indie Girl (All Grade Levels)

Girl Scouts is for EVERY GIRL ... and you don't need to join a troop to join the fun!

Indie Girl

More and more Girl Scouts in GSWPA are joining as Indie Girls. These girls aren’t part of a Girl Scout troop, but they pick and choose programs and activities they love and fit into their schedule. They also can participate in the Cookie and MagNut Programs to make Girl Scouting even more affordable to them.

Because Girl Scouting is girl-led, it's customizable to meet the needs of today's active girls. Simply become an Individually Registered Girl Scout (Indie Girl) and you can enjoy all the activities, programs and projects that make Girl Scouts so much fun.

How? It's easy! Become an Indie Girl!

Indie Girls are welcome to enjoy any program offered by our council. You can also keep in touch with other Indie Girls and girls in troops in your area. This way, you won't miss out on programs planned by our amazing volunteers too.

You can:

Learn how Program Reward Certificates earned through the Cookie Program and MagNut Program can be used toward GSWPA programs.

Cookie Program for Indie Girls

The Cookie and Magnut programs are an amazing way for Indie Girls to not only earn rewards to use toward Girl Scout activities, but also build skills they'll use throughout their lives. Learn all about the Magnut and Cookie programs by attending one of our webinars designed just for Indie Girls and their mentors/families. You'll get all the most important and up-to-date information on how the programs work along with great tips to make your sales a success!

2015 Indie Girl/Family Cookie Webinar:

View pre-recorded webinar

If you're interested in participating in either the MagNut or Cookie programs please contact the council Indie Liaison. Program materials will be sent directly to your home with additional contact information and instructions to get you started.

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